CitiStaffing, LLC is a premier women-owned contingent and permanent staffing firm specializing in placing administrative professionals across all industries. We take pride in our experienced and dynamic team of human resources experts. We are committed to providing comprehensive staffing support, satisfying the individual needs of our clients and candidates with integrity and excellence. Our business longevity and track record distinguish us as leaders in the industry. Connect with us via LinkedIn.

We strive to exceed the expectations of our diverse client base by consistently delivering the highest caliber of skilled candidates. For candidates, our collaborative team provides personalized attention to ensure they reach their full potential. We take a proactive approach, setting us apart from those in the industry.

What People Say

Working with CitiStaffing has been such a wonderful experience. I have never received so much help and guidance from a staffing agency in the past. All of the individuals I worked with were very friendly, dedicated and put in so much effort to prepare me for my interviews. I am lucky and grateful to have worked with such a great team. I definitely recommend working with CitiStaffing to anyone looking to improve their career.

Maria, Candidate

Any agency that can stand the test of a pandemic is one that has a very strong foundation. The recruiters at CitiStaffing were supportive, relentless, consistent, and always willing to lend a helping hand!

Marchella, Candidate

CitiStaffing was incredibly helpful, giving me advice no other recruiter had (and I’ve worked with at least a dozen other recruiters). Everyone I spoke with at Citi seemed to care about me on a personal level and truly want the best for me and I felt like I really got to know them. They are by far the best recruiting agency I’ve worked with and I would highly recommend them!

Amy, Candidate

Amazing – never has a process been so simple and easy. Great candidates, great organization setting up the interviews, and great flow of communications. Thank you all – it has been a pleasure!

Simone, Client

CitiStaffing has a talented recruitment team, with an eye for the right candidate. They realize the importance of rendering professional services and achieving ongoing levels of client satisfaction by creating true strategic business partnerships. They have been a life saver in situations where executives demanded the highest caliber of talent. They truly understand that top talent and cultural fit are key elements of all assignments. Time and time again, the CitiStaffing team has delivered the right candidate for the position within record time. As an HR professional with experience in Fortune 500 and midsize companies, I would highly recommend the CitiStaffing team as a recruiting partner for any organization.

Indira, Client

She rocks! Great send! Thanks for continuing to send such quality candidates!

Seth, Client